Thursday, February 5, 2015

TRISTAN & ISODE (Level Starter)

Tristan and Isolde are in love, but Isolde must marry King Mark. So a happy love story seems impossible...

The lovers meet every day but then, one night, King Mark finds them together. Now Tristan must leave the castle, but he is badly hurt and dying. Only Isolde can help him.

Can Isolde find Tristan in time? Can their love survive?


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  1. king: the most important man in a country
  2. nephew: your sister's (or brother's) son
  3. fight: to hit someone again and again
  4. sword: a long, sharp, knife for fighting
  5. poison: something that kills people when they eat or drink it
  6. at war: when two countries are fighting
  7. wound: a hole hin the body from a knife or a sword
  8. servant: a person who works for someone rich
  9. boat: you go across water in this
  10. potion: something that you drink to make you better, love someone, or die
  11. fall in love: to begin loving
  12. piece: some, but not all, of something
  13. missing: not there
  14. uncle: your father's (or mother's) brother
  15. peace: not fighting
  16. marry: to make someone your wife or husband
  17. message: something that you tells another person to say to someone
  18. sadly: not happily
  19. maid: a woman who works in a person's house
  20. ship: a big boat
  21. heart: the centre of feeling in someone
  22. unfriendly: not nice
  23. cup: you drink from this
  24. look after: to do things for someone or something that needs help
  25. impossible: what cannot be
  26. hate: not to love
  27. full: with lots of something in
  28. kiss: to touch lovingly with your mouth
  29. lady: an important woman from a good family
  30. castle: a big old building, a rich person lives here
  31. welcome: we say this when someone arrives and we are happy to see them
  32. wife: a woman living with a man
  33. wedding: the time when two people marry
  34. feast: a lot of good things to eat
  35. put out: to stop something burning
  36. torch: it burns and give light in the past people used them to see at night
  37. harp: you make music on this instrument by pulling the strings with your fingers
  38. hunt: to look for and kill animals
  39. together: with someone or near to someone
  40. jealous: feeling angry or sad because you want to have what someone has
  41. lord: an important man from a good family
  42. believe: to think that something is true
  43. busy: with a lot of things to do
  44. signal: something that you do to show someone a message from far away
  45. lie: to say something that is not true
  46. test: to do something to someone to learn what they can do
  47. plan: when you get something ready before it happens
  48. ride: to go on a horse
  49. trust: to believe that someone is nice and good
  50. husband: the man that a woman marries
  51. stab: to push a knife into someone
  52. dagger: a knife for killing people
  53. fall: to go down suddenly
  54. forever: for all time
  55. letter: you write this to tell something to someone
  56. sail: this uses wind to help something to move
  57. news: when someone tells you something that is new
  58. word: a thing that you say or write
  59. save: to stop bad things happening to someone or something
  60. shepherd: a man who looks after sheep
  61. break: to make one thing into many little parts
  62. bury: to put a dead body under the ground
  63. grave: where you ury someone
  64. rose: a flower, red or white in coloud, people often give roses to lovers
  65. grow: to begin living and to get bigger

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