Thursday, February 5, 2015


In the caves under the famous Palace of Knossos in Crete, the Watchers sit. They watch the gold statue of Poseidon, god of the sea. Jim and Stella, an English brother and sister, are on holiday in Crete. With Nikos, their Cretan friend, they go into the caves. But the Watchers are waiting for them...


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  1. alive: living, not dead
  2. arm: your hand is at the end of your arm
  3. bowl: a large, round plate
  4. cave: a very large hole under the ground
  5. Cretan: a person from Crete
  6. Crete: an island in Greece
  7. dangerous: if something is dangerous, it can hurt or kill you
  8. dead: when you stop living, you are dead
  9. earthquake: a sudden, very strong movement of the ground
  10. fall: move quickly and freely from a high place to a low place
  11. fire: something burning, with smoke and flames
  12. god: there were many old Greek gods: Poseidon was the god of the sea, Apollo was the god of the sun, etc.
  13. Greece: a country in Europe
  14. hair: it grows on your head
  15. hall: a very big room or building (in this story, a very big cave)
  16. hear: you see with your eyes, you hear with your ears
  17. huge: very, very big
  18. Iraklion: a town on Crete
  19. Knossos: a very old place on Crete
  20. listen: you look at something with your eyes, you listen to something with your ears
  21. nobody: no people
  22. palace: a very big, beautiful house
  23. Poseidon: the name of the old Greek god of the sea
  24. silly: stupid, not clever
  25. statue: something (made of stone, wood, gold, etc.) that looks like a person
  26. stone: a very hard part or piece of the ground
  27. Watcher: somebody who watches

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