Thursday, February 5, 2015


'He's an intelligent man. He was one rich and now is poor. His wife loved him once, but she doesn't love him now. And he's thirty or forty years old.'
One look at an old hat, and Sherlock Holmes can tell you a lot about its owner. He sees - and think - a lot more than the people around him, and when a beautiful blue diamond disappears, Sherlock is the only man in London who can find it.


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  1. diamond: a very expensive stone that usually has no colour
  2. sitting-room: the room in a house where people sit and talk
  3. newspaper: people read about things that happen every day in this
  4. magnifying glass: when you look through this, small things are big
  5. crime: killing someone, or taking money from someone
  6. doorman: a man working at a hotel; he opens the front door for visitors
  7. bird: an animal that can fly; you can eat some birds
  8. goose (plural geese) a large, usually white bird; people sometimes eat it at Christmas
  9. cook: to make things for people to eat
  10. shoulder: this is between your arm and your neck
  11. fall (past tense fell) to go down suddenly
  12. try: to want to do something but not to do it well
  13. walking stick: a long, thin piece of wood; you use this to help you to walk
  14. owner: the person that something belongs to
  15. advertisement: you pay to put this in a newspaper
  16. intelligent: quick-thinking
  17. poor: not rich
  18. nose: this is between your eyes
  19. brain: this is in your head and you think with it
  20. buy (past tense bought): to give money for something
  21. grey: the color between white and black
  22. kitchen: the room in a house where people cook
  23. countess: the wife of a rich, important man
  24. disappear: to go away suddenly
  25. jewel: an expensive stone
  26. pay: (past paid): to give money for something
  27. report: some writing in a newspaper
  28. repair: to make something that is broken work again
  29. assistant manager: an important job in a hotel
  30. court: the police take someone here when they think he or she did something wrong
  31. maid: a woman who works in a rich person's house, or in a hotel
  32. thief: a person who takes things without asking 
  33. prison: a place where people must stay when they do soemthing wrong
  34. case: when the police work to find answers
  35. High Court: The most important court in the country
  36. believe: to think that something is true
  37. sir: you say this when you talk to a rich or important man
  38. already: happening earlier than you think
  39. terrible: very bad
  40. safe: a box that people put expensive things in so thieves can't get them
  41. innocent: doing nothing wrong
  42. housekeeper: a woman who looks after a rich person's house
  43. address: the number and the street where somebody lives
  44. pub: a building where people go to have a drink
  45. museum: a building where people look at old or interesting things
  46. beer: a yellow or brown drink
  47. sell (past tense sold) to take money for something 
  48. winner: the person who gets the right answer
  49. page: a book has many pages
  50. weak: not strong
  51. shout: to say loudly and angrily
  52. job: work
  53. cab: a taxi
  54. real: not false
  55. tail: the long thing at the back of an animal's body
  56. floor: the place in a room where you stand and walk
  57. feel sorry for: to be unhappy about
  58. truth: when what you say is true
  59. arrest: to take a person to prison
  60. police officers: policemen and policewomen
  61. decide: to think about something and then do it
  62. catch (past caught): to take quickly in your hands 
  63. neck: this is between your head and your body
  64. witness: a person who saw a crime
  65. solution: the answer to a problem

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