Thursday, February 5, 2015

A SONG FOR BEN (Level 0)

Katie Brown, an American rock singer, visits London, where she makes friends with eight-year-old Ben. One day, white Katie is teaching him her latest song, Ben is snatched from under her eyes by kidnappers. Katie sees the kidnappers again on her way to the TV studios, and her song for Ben becomes the means to save his life.


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  1. album: a number of songs of a singer 
  2. kidnap: to take a child away
  3. ransom: the money the kidnappers ask the parents to give for the boy to come back
  4. follow: to go after someone
  5. sick: not in good health
  6. Cheer up: you say this when you want someone to happy
  7. clever: smart
  8. inspector: am important person in the police

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