Wednesday, February 4, 2015

THE 1,000,000 BANK NOTE (Level 2)

Henry accidentally got to England and he has only 1 dollar in his pocket. Just in a month he can make 1000000 pound. How did he do that?

THE 1,000,000 BANK NOTE

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  1. promising: very good in the future
  2. sailboat: a boat with sails 
  3. on board: on the ship, or a train
  4. stormy: very bad weather with a lot of rains
  5. desperate: someone in very trouble and needs help
  6. servant: a person who works for the rich people
  7. stare: look at someone or something for a long time
  8. bet: to win money if you are right and to lose money if you are wrong
  9. argue: when two or more people talk about something angrily because they think differently
  10. transaction: doing business
  11. starve to death: to die because you are hungry
  12. steal (past tense stole - stolen): to take something without asking
  13. poor: not rich
  14. feel hurt: feel uncomfortable because someone do bad things to you
  15. subject: the main thing
  16. joke: a funny thing for people to laugh and have fun
  17. faint: when you faint, you don't know anything (e.g. when you are tired, shocked, terrified...)
  18. worth: how expensive something is
  19. apologize: to say sorry
  20. hurry: to go very quickly
  21. awful: very bad
  22. on time: when you are not late
  23. fog: a kind of smoke you see in the very early morning
  24. signature: your name written by your own writing
  25. asylum: a hospital for crazy people
  26. bill: the money note
  27. tailor: a person who makes clothes
  28. useless: when something has no use at all
  29. unattractive: not beautiful, not attractive
  30. nod: to move your head from up to down (e.g. to show that you agree)
  31. change: money with little value
  32. trouble: difficulty
  33. package: something with a cover (e.g. paper, wood, plastic,...) outside
  34. millionaire: a very rich person
  35. elegant: very stylish and beautiful
  36. measure: to get the length of something
  37. customer: a person who goes in the shop to buy something, usually to show that they are rich
  38. luxury: expensive things that the rich people have
  39. ambassador: a very high rank person in the government
  40. on credit: when you buy something and you pay money later, you buy on credit
  41. duke: a high rank British nobleman
  42. duchess: the wife of the duke
  43. earl: a British rank that is below a marque and above a viscount
  44. countess: female rank of a count or earl
  45. viscount: a British rank that is below a earl and above a baron
  46. celebrity: a famous person
  47. steak: a slice of meat
  48. shares: a part of a business, a part of a company
  49. precedence: the order of what is first and what is next...
  50. sardine: a kind of fish
  51. strawberry: a small red fruit 
  52. cribbage: a kind of card game
  53. debt: when you borrow money from other people, you have a debt
  54. marvelous: very great
  55. scared: very afraid
  56. shake (past tense shook): to hold and move up and down (e.g. shake hands)
  57. guarantee: to asure that something is true
  58. share: to split (eg. the money)
  59. surprise: when something is very new and sudden
  60. certificate: a paper to prove something is true
  61. deposit: the money you let the bank keeps for you
  62. astonishing: very surprising 
  63. forgive (past tense forgave): to forget the mistake of someone
  64. lap: the upper part of the leg
  65. amazed: surprised
  66. stepfather: not your real father, but the new husband of your mother
  67. cash: paper money
  68. picture frame: the thing to hold the picture 
  69. valuable: very good and expensive 

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