Thursday, February 5, 2015


'I an drive a truck,' says Kim on her first day at work in the office. When Kim's passenger Andy finds something strange under the truck things get dangerous - very dangerous.


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  1. cafe: a place where people can eat and drink
  2. danger: something that can hurt you or get you into trouble
  3. dirty: you need to have a bath when you are dirty
  4. drug: something that some people take to make them feel happy or sleepy
  5. entrace: the way into somewhere
  6. fall: to go down suddenly
  7. ferry: a way of getting cars and trucks across the river
  8. follow: go after
  9. gun: something that shoots and kills people
  10. jump: to move quickly with your feet from one place to a different place
  11. licence: you need this paper before you can drive a car
  12. motorway: a big road where you can drive fast
  13. oil: a liquid that helps cars and trucks move
  14. overnight bag: a bag with sleeping and washing things
  15. passport: you need this book to travel outside your country
  16. throw: move your arm quickly to send something through the air
  17. truck stop: a place where trucks stop and theri drivers eat and drink
  18. wine: an adult drink made from fruit

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