Wednesday, February 4, 2015

TOM BLOOD (Level Starter)

Tom Blood returns from the civil war, finding the king taking everything away from him. What will he do to take it back?


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  1. fighting: when someone hits people again and again
  2. civil war: when a half of a country fights with the other half
  3. news: when someone tells you something new
  4. king: the most important man in a country
  5. steal: to take something without asking
  6. clothes: people wear these
  7. parson: a man who works in a church
  8. tower: a tall building
  9. jewels: a king wears these very expensive things on important days
  10. guard: a man who stops people from stealing things
  11. shout: to say loudly and angrily
  12. fair: good for all people
  13. clever: quick-thinking

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