Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WILLIAM TELL (Level Starter)

William is a brave man who is very good at shooting arrows. Can he fight back against the evil Gessler?


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  1. lake: a lot of water with land round it
  2. baron: an important man
  3. bow: to put down your head in front of someone or something important
  4. shoot: to hit something from far away
  5. arrow: you shoot things with this
  6. castle: a big old building; a rich person lives here
  7. boat: you go across water in this
  8. storm: a lot of rain and very bad weather
  9. steer: to move a boat left or right
  10. rocks: when a boat hits these it can go down
  11. jump: to move fast on your legs from one thing to a different thing
  12. fall: to go down suddenly

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