Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Harry is a thief. He steals a famous painting in a museum. Will he get caught? And why does he chase the newspaper truck?


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  1. art gallery: a place where there are a lot of paintings
  2. thief: someone who takes things from other people
  3. dark: you cannot see in the dark
  4. light: you use this to see in the dark
  5. painting: a beautiful drawing
  6. a million dollars: $1,000,000
  7. knife: you cut things with a knife
  8. frame: the wood or iron around the painting to keep it
  9. break: to make something become many smaller things
  10. vase: a thing to hold flowers in it
  11. recycle: to use something again; to give something into use again
  12. recycle truck: a kind of car that takes the things from people to recycle
  13. jump: to move quickly from your feet from one place to a different place
  14. reward: something good, usually money, given to you because you did something good

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