Thursday, February 5, 2015

THE TEMPEST (Level Starter)

Prospero, the Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda are far away from home, alone on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. They want to return to Milan...

Then, one day, Prospero sees a ship near the island carrying his greatest enemies. Prospero, with the help of his magic and the island spirit, Ariel, makes a magic storm - a tempest - to bring them to the island.


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  1. duke: the most important man in a big old town
  2. wife: a woman living with a man
  3. look after: to do things for someone or something that needs help
  4. magic: something that makes things happen in a way that you don't understand
  5. king: the most important man in a country
  6. gate: the big door into a town
  7. attack: to start hititng something suddenly
  8. boat: you go across the water in this
  9. letter: you write this to tell something to someone
  10. island: a country in the sea
  11. monster: a person or animal that is very bad to look at
  12. spirit: a magic person without a body
  13. show: to help someone to see something
  14. ship: a big boat
  15. storm: a lot of rain and very bad weather
  16. land: to arrive somewhere from a ship
  17. alone: with nobody
  18. tempest: an old word for "storm"
  19. wind: fast moving air
  20. God: an important being who never dies and decides what happenns in the world
  21. captain: the most important man on a ship
  22. jump: to move suddenly form one face to a different place
  23. swim: to go through the water moving your arms and legs
  24. alive: not dead
  25. river: water that moves along the country in a long line
  26. part: some, but not all, of something
  27. master: you call the person that you work for this
  28. wood: the hard part of a tree
  29. fire: this is red and hot, and it burns
  30. prince: the son of a king
  31. music: singing or playing intrument
  32. follow: to go after something or someone
  33. plan: when you get something ready before it happens
  34. goddess: a woman god
  35. marry: to make someone your wife or husband
  36. difficult: not easy
  37. spy: a person who tries to learn secret things
  38. chains: long strings of metal; in these you cannot run away
  39. prison: a place where people must stay when they do something wrong
  40. sword: a long, sharp knife for fighting
  41. ground: we walk on this
  42. wake up: to stop sleeping
  43. strange: not usual
  44. animal: a living being that can think and move
  45. forest: a place with lots of trees
  46. fool: someone who cannot think well
  47. pay: to lose something because you do a bad thing to someone
  48. crime: killing someone; or taking something from someone
  49. against: not helping
  50. cave: a big hole in a hill that you can live in
  51. word: a thing that you say or write
  52. fool: a man who works to make a king laugh
  53. fish: an animal that lives in water
  54. raincoat: a coat that you wear in the rain
  55. butler: a man who brings food and drink to an important person
  56. wine: a red or white drink; when you drink a lot you feel happy and sleepy
  57. surprised: suddenly feeling that something very new is happening
  58. throw: to make something move from your hand through the air
  59. treat: to do something to someone with good or bad feeling
  60. dance: to move beautifully to music
  61. clothes: things that you wear
  62. free: with no master
  63. heart: the centre of feeling in somebody
  64. lost: that you cannot find
  65. break: to make one thing into many little parts
  66. agree: to say yes
  67. stick: a long thin piece of wood

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