Thursday, February 5, 2015


Fay loves making The Friends' Hour for Studio Five, but her boss - Jason - is always angry with her. One day, a young man - Simon Jones - phones her show. Soon Fay must find Simon, and work hard to keep her job. Then her best friend - Wing - stops helping her. What can Fay do now? Can she and Wing stay friends?


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  1. on air: when people can hear you on their radios
  2. show: you watch or listen to this on TV or radio
  3. studio: a room where people make TV or radio shows
  4. music: people listen or dance to this
  5. email: words that you send from computer to computer
  6. boss: the person that your work for
  7. really: truly
  8. sad: not happy
  9. police officer: a man or a woman who stops people doing bad things
  10. try: to want to do something but not to do it well
  11. underground: a train that goes under streets and building
  12. station: people get on and off trains here
  13. terrible: very bad
  14. real: true
  15. fall in love (past tense fell): to begin to love someone
  16. marry: to make someone your husband or wife
  17. idea: something thta you think
  18. card: something that you send someone on their birthday
  19. birthday: the day when someone was born
  20. envelope: a paper cover that you put in a letter
  21. worry: to be unhappy about something and to think about it all the time
  22. tidy: with everything carefully where it is right to be
  23. model: little buildings, trains, cars, ships or planes that children make and then play with
  24. key: you can close or open a door with this
  25. job: work
  26. CD: people listen to music on this
  27. desk: a table in a study or in an office
  28. alone: with nobody
  29. locked: closed with a key
  30. climb: to go up, down or through something using your hands and feet
  31. safe: in no danger
  32. floor: the place in a room where you stand and walk
  33. ledge: a long flat stone under a window
  34. fall: (past tense fell) to go down suddenly
  35. crazy: not thinking well
  36. background: something that is under the most important noise on a CD or behind the most important thing in a picture
  37. voice: you use this to speak
  38. sound: noise
  39. coin: metal money
  40. platform: you get on a train in a station from this
  41. Internet: you use a computer and a phone line to find different things on this
  42. postcode: you write these numbers and letters on an envelope under the city
  43. date stamp: this mark on an envelope shows a postman when and from where someone sent a letter
  44. Lost Property Office: people can find things they lose or forget here
  45. twice: two times
  46. pay (past tense paid): to give money for something
  47. wine: a red or white drink, when you drink a lot you feel happy or sleepy
  48. kiss: to touch lovingly with your mouth
  49. note: a short letter
  50. the same: not different
  51. believe: to think that something is true
  52. flat: a number of rooms in a house where people lives
  53. promise: when you say that you will certainly do something
  54. protect: to keep someone safe
  55. the rest: what is left
  56. guest: somebody that you invite to your home, a party, or to speak in a radio show
  57. selfish: thinking only about what is good for you
  58. pregnant: when a woman is having a child
  59. stupid: not thinking well
  60. knock: to hit strongly
  61. pay rise: when the money you get for your work goes up
  62. hug: to take lovingly in your arms

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