Thursday, February 5, 2015

20,000,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (Level 3)

It was 1867. Some sailors said they saw a dangerous, giant monster living in the cold waters of the ocean. Some ships tried to find and kill it, but they never returned.
People said it looked like a whale.
"It was 300 feet long and a mile wide!"
"Water come out of its back. It was alike a big, underwater explosion."


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  1. assistant: someone who helps another with their work
  2. brave: not afraid
  3. cannon: a big very gun to shoot a cannonball
  4. creature: a living thing
  5. expert: who knows very well about something
  6. harbour: a place where ships come and go
  7. league: 1 league = 5.5 kilometres
  8. monster: a very evil and dangerous creature
  9. nightmare: something bad you see in your dream
  10. professor: someone who studies a lot and knows very much
  11. silently: quietly
  12. wound: when your body is cut, you have a wound
  13. duty: work and reponsibility 
  14. frightened: very afraid
  15. mysterious: when no one knows about something
  16. secret: something you don't want anyone to know
  17. shark: a big, dangerous fish in the sea
  18. terrified: very afraid
  19. freedom: state of being free
  20. impossible: can not be done
  21. scream: to give a loud, high voice because you are afraid
  22. wonderful: very good
  23. cannibal: someone who eats people
  24. crew: all the people working on the ship
  25. escape: get out of
  26. host: the owner (of a house, ship,...)
  27. strange: not usual
  28. surface: not underwater
  29. bright: with a lot of light
  30. dig: to make a hole in the ground
  31. fall asleep: start to sleep
  32. tank: a big container to hold liquid
  33. blame for: when you are blamed for doing something bad, you are the guilty one and are responsible to fix it
  34. pearl: a very beautiful and expensive, perfectly rounded, made by an oyster
  35. ancient: very old
  36. lava: a very hot thing, you see this in a volcano eruption
  37. volcano: a mountain that can erupt and shoot out hot things called lava
  38. iceberg: a very big ice floating on the sea
  39. shore: the land near the sea
  40. terrible: very bad
  41. whirlpool: a powerful current of water, which suck everything near it in

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