Thursday, February 5, 2015

BLACK BEARD (Level Starter)

The year is 1717. It is a bad time to be the captain of a ship in the Caribbean because of pirates. The most frightening pirate on the sea is Edward Teach, or 'Blackbeard'.

'The Governor of Virginia wants us all dead!' Blackbeard thinks. 'But can he kill me - the most famous pirate in the Caribbean? No!'

This is his story...


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  1. captain: the most important man on a ship
  2. ship: you use a ship to go across the water
  3. pirate; someone who takes ships and the things on them without asking
  4. attack: to begin fighting
  5. famous: that everybody knows
  6. capture: to take and not give away
  7. queen: the most important woman in a country
  8. war: fighting between countries or people
  9. sailor: a man who works on a ship
  10. crew: all the people who work on a ship
  11. aboard: on or onto a ship
  12. throw: to make something move from your hand through the air
  13. lookout: a sailor who looks to see what in front of the ship
  14. starboard: the right of a ship
  15. mast: the tall thing on an old ship which was the sails on it, and where a lookout sits
  16. gun: a ship can fight with this
  17. fight: when you hit someone many times
  18. gold: an expensive yellow metal
  19. sir: you say this when you talk to an important man
  20. cabin: a room on a ship
  21. revenge: when you do something bad to someone after they do something bad to you
  22. island: a country in the sea
  23. ashore: on or onto the land
  24. sail: to go across the water
  25. wife: a woman living with a man
  26. adventure: something very exciting that happens to you
  27. aye: a sailor's 'Yes'
  28. terror: a feeling of being afraid
  29. beard: the hair on a man's face
  30. frightening: making people afraid
  31. governor: a person who looks after a far country for a king or queen
  32. lieutenant: an officer on a ship
  33. royal navy: all the kings' or queens' ships
  34. fire: to attack with a gun
  35. boat: a little ship
  36. small: little
  37. jump: to move fast on your legs from one thing to a different thing
  38. pistol: a kind of gun, person can kill someone with this
  39. sword: a long knife that you fight with
  40. medicine: something that you eat or drink to help you get better when you are ill
  41. doctor: a person who helps people when they are ill
  42. fever: when you get very hot because you are ill
  43. surrender: to stop fighting because you cannot win
  44. councillor: an important man that looks after a town
  45. letter: you write this to tell something to someone
  46. send: to give something to someone to take somewhere
  47. chest: a big box to put things in
  48. pardon: a letter from someone important which says that someone bad does not need to die
  49. king: the most important man in a country
  50. sugar: this is white or brown and sweet
  51. abandoned: with no men on it
  52. blockade: when someone stops ships arriving or leaving a town by the sea
  53. topsail: this sail goes up near the top of the mast
  54. inlet: a small arm of the sea that has land to left and right
  55. aground: on land that is not under much water, from which it is difficult for a ship to move
  56. rum: an alcoholic drink made from sugar
  57. treasure: something expensive, like gold
  58. catch: to take quickly
  59. anchor: a heavy metal thing that a ship puts down into the water when it wants to stop somewhere
  60. deck: where you walk on a ship
  61. below: under
  62. break: to make one thing into two things when you hit it
  63. fall: to go down suddenly
  64. wound: a hole in the body from a knife or a pistol
  65. escape: to get away
  66. legend: an old story - half true, half not true


  1. Wonderful!
    If it is possible to add text file for the story we can read it after the video?