Thursday, February 5, 2015


The sun always shines in Eden City. Everybody is happy, young and beautiful. BZXY741 is a student in the city. One day he meets Eve. She is different from the other people, and she tells him about another world. But is it really a better place?


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  1. happiness: a happy feeling
  2. real: true
  3. procedure: when you follow a procedure, you do everything in the right way
  4. smell: you smell with your nose
  5. salad: a food made from vegetables
  6. juice: a drink from fruit or vegetable
  7. team: some people doing something together
  8. law: the rules in a country
  9. joke: something funny to make other people laugh
  10. air: we breath this in our nose or mouth to stay alive
  11. free: no one to control you
  12. believe: think that something is true
  13. lift: a lift in a building takes you up and down the floors
  14. traffic: cars, buses, motorbikes,...
  15. worry: you worry when you don't know about something
  16. beggar: a person who ask for food and money in the street
  17. dream: pictures in your head when you are asleep
  18. embarrassed: when you do something stupid, you feel embarrassed, and your face often turns red.
  19. alive: not dead
  20. reaction: what we do when something happen to us

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