Thursday, February 5, 2015


Once upon a time there is a kind man, and there is a nasty man. They did the same thing, but the results are completely different.


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  1. magical: something happens that you cannot understand
  2. ashes: after you burn something, the ashes are left
  3. bark: a noise made by a dog
  4. spot: the place
  5. gold: the expensive yellow metal
  6. nasty: evil, awful
  7. jealous: to want something which belongs to other people
  8. neighbor: the person lives next to you
  9. lend: to give something to someone for a short time
  10. beat: to hit someone or something again and again
  11. stick: a long piece of wood
  12. furious: very angry
  13. death: being dead
  14. stupid: not thinking well
  15. bite (past tense bit): to attack someone with your teeth
  16. bury: to put the body into the ground
  17. mound: a place where the land springs up
  18. sprout: a little tree
  19. mortar: a bowl-shaped thing where we used to mix something together
  20. borrow: to take something for a short time
  21. pound: to hit with a hammer
  22. break (past tense broke): to make something into small pieces
  23. retrieve: to take back
  24. reward: to give something good to someone because they did something good
  25. toss: throw
  26. prison: a place to keep the bad people

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