Friday, February 6, 2015


Once upon a time there was a kind old man who feed the sparrows everyday. But his wife doesn't like this. One day, she cut the tongue of a sparrow...


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  1. On the other hand: not alike, different
  2. feed: to give food to someone or something
  3. tongue: the soft part in the mouth
  4. bamboo: a tall green tree
  5. wounded: being hurt
  6. feast: a lot of things to eat
  7. dance: to move beautifully with music
  8. either: this one or that one
  9. deserve: to have to right to something
  10. treasure: valuable things, (e.g. gold, silver, jewels)
  11. faint: to fall asleep because you are afraid
  12. fear: very afraid

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  1. hello guys ,
    let me give you the Story written ,
    Enjoy , ^_^

    Once upon a time ,
    there lived an old couple in small village .
    The old man who was kind hearted fed wild sparrows every day
    Chirp , chirp, thank you dear old man . The sparrows chirped
    They all loved the kind old man .

    the old woman , on the other hand, was mean
    She was not happy about her husband giving food to sparrows every day .
    " I think it's a waste to feed them, " she said .
    Oh , i don't think so .
    Look how happily they're eating .
    They don't eat much rice , either , said the old man .

    One day after her husband went to work ,
    the old woman made starch , and while washing clothes,
    she noticed the sparrows had eaten up the starch.

    The old woman was furious , caught one sparrow ,
    and cut off its tongue with her sewing scissors
    the sparrow flew home crying .

    having heard about the poor sparrow when he come home,
    the old man became very worried about the sparrow,
    and went out to look for it. "Sparrow , Sparrow , Where is your house ?"

    as he sang loud , several sparrows cane out to see him.
    " Chirp ,chirp , dear old man , come this way , please",
    they said and guided him to a bamboo thicket.

    in the bamboo thicket was the sparrow's house.
    The wounded sparrow that lying in his bed was very pleased
    to see the old man.

    " you come a long way to comfort me , dear old man".
    it's so kind of you . i am OK now, : said the sparrow .
    The sparrows treated the old man to big feast .
    and entertained him by dancing and singing for him .

    " Thank you, Thank you. i've had such a nice time,
    but i need to go home now, " Said old man.

    "well then , please take either this big wicker basket
    or that small one as our gift to you ," said the sparrows.
    "How nice . Because i am an old man , i'll take the small one.
    it looks light enough for me to carry home." The old man said and went home with the smaller basket on his back .

    He found when he got home the basket was filled with treasures .
    it made his wife very, very jealous.
    " i deserve treasures from the sparrows, too
    i let the sparrows eat our rice, too, didn't !?".
    She said .

    The old woman went to the sparrows house right away,
    and said to the sparrows as soon as she entered the house,
    "Now , i'am here. Just give me a gift.
    i'd like that big wicker basket ."
    And, before the sparrows said anything ,
    she put the big basket on her back and left for home.

    Just as soon as she got home, She excitedly opened the basket,
    antsy with expectation, saying , " This is so big and heavy,
    there must be lots and lots of treasures in it."

    And guess what she found. it was full of snakes , centipedes,
    and many other insects. As the creatures came out from the basket, the mean old woman fainted in fear.
    The end