Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SINBAD (Level 0)

Sinbad is the brave sailor who conquer the dangers of the seas and come back home alive to tell the tale. His courage and intelligent helps him go through all the adventures.


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  1. rich: with a lot of money
  2. lucky: when something good happens for you
  3. buy: to give money for something
  4. market: where people go to buy things in the street
  5. shopkeeper: a person who has a small shop
  6. sell: to take money for something
  7. carpet: a piece of thick material that you put on the floor
  8. sail: to go across the water
  9. ship: you use a ship to go across the water
  10. captain: the most important person on a ship
  11. sailor: a man who works on a ship
  12. island: a country in the sea
  13. land: to arrive from a ship of from the air
  14. barrel: a tall round box, you put things to drink in it
  15. fire: this is red and hot and it burns
  16. whale: a very big animal that lives in the sea and looks like a fish
  17. alone: with nobody
  18. stone: something grey or white, and hard
  19. become: to change from one thing to a different thing
  20. bird: an animal that can fly through the sky
  21. fly: to move through the air
  22. egg: a round thing with a young bird inside it
  23. turban: something that you wear on your head
  24. around: all the way round
  25. valley land between two hills
  26. jewels: a very expensive stone
  27. snake: a long animal with no legs
  28. animal: a living being that thing and move
  29. surprised: feeling that something very new is suddenly happening
  30. adventure: something very exciting that happens to you
  31. storm: a lot of rain and very bad weather
  32. explore: to walk around a new country and learn about it
  33. wave: a line of water that moves across the top of the sea
  34. climb: to go up or down using your hands and feet
  35. wake up: to stop sleeping
  36. wood: the hard part of a tree
  37. armour: when you wear this, people cannot kill you
  38. break: to go into little pieces
  39. beach: the land next to the sea
  40. strange: not usual
  41. cannibal: a person that eats people
  42. cage: an open box to put animals or people in
  43. thin: not fat
  44. king: the most important mean in a country
  45. marry: to make someone your wife or husband
  46. fall in love with: to begin to love someone
  47. bury: to put a dead person under the ground
  48. husband: the man that a woman marries
  49. ground: we walk on this
  50. follow: to go after something or someobdy
  51. throw: to make something move from your hand through the air
  52. attack: to begin fighting
  53. cave: a big hole in the ground
  54. river: water that moves in a long line
  55. wreck: a very old broken ship
  56. boat: a little ship
  57. row: to move a boat through water using long pieces of wood
  58. caliph: a very important man in an Arab country
  59. wise: when a person understands a lot about many things
  60. present: something that you give to someone.
  61. monster: an animal that is very bad to look at
  62. prisoner: a person who is not free
  63. pirate: a person on a ship who takes things from other ships
  64. hunt: to look for and kill animals
  65. elephant: a very big animal with a long nose
  66. ivory: this is white and hard, and comes form the long tusks on elephant's face

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