Saturday, January 31, 2015


The Angle's Robe is a story about a young man who stole a robe of a fairy so that she cannot returns to heaven. So he married her. But one day, she finds out that her husband has been hiding her robe all the time...



  1. angel: a person from heaven
  2. robe: on outer cloth 
  3. Once upon a time: a long time ago
  4. village: a small place where people live in
  5. pine grove: where there are a lot of pine tree
  6. transparent: if something is transparent, you can see through it
  7. hang (past tense hung): to stay on
  8. branch: a part that stick out from a tree
  9. what in the world is this?: you say this when you are very amazed about something
  10. bosom: the chest
  11. fly (past tense flew): to go up into the sky
  12. heaven: a beautiful place in the sky where there is fairies and gods
  13. welcome: when someone arrive, you welcome them to show that you are happy to see them
  14. hide (past tense hid): to put something away so that people cannot find it
  15. cute: lovely
  16. terrible: very bad

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