Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Tom Sawyer is a small boy who likes to play around, and gets into unwanted trouble. He is a very smart boy who always knows the best things to do. One day he and his friend Huck go to a graveyard to see the ghosts. They saw something even horrible than ghost, and now they are in danger themselves. But with danger come great treasures. Will they get the treasures in the end?


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  1. jam: a kind of sticky food 
  2. trick: a bad plan to do to someone
  3. stranger: someone you do not know
  4. tie: you wear a tie on your neck
  5. beat: hitting someone again and again
  6. yard: 1 yard = 3 feet = 0.9144 metre
  7. foot (plural feet): 1 foot = 30.48 centimetres
  8. Reverend: an old word for the Father in a church
  9. bark: a loud noise from a dog
  10. immediately: very soon, right away
  11. lazy: not wanting to work or study
  12. admire: to like someone because he or she is good at something
  13. witch: an evil woman who has many evil tricks, usually appears with a flying broom and a black cat. 
  14. stick: a long piece of wood
  15. whisper: to speak very softly
  16. scary: making you afraid
  17. robber: someone who takes things from other people usually by violence
  18. dig (past tense dug): to make a hole in the ground
  19. blood: the red water in the body
  20. frying pan
  21. raft: a kind of small boat made by many pieces of wood stick together
  22. drowned: to die in the water
  23. canoe:
  24. explore: to go around a place and learn about it
  25. hang
  26. lawyer: a person who studies the law
  27. haunted house: a house where there are ghosts
  28. stone: a hard grey or white things. We see it on the ground a lot
  29. fireplace: a place inside a house where we keep the fire to keep warm
  30. cross
  31. widow: a woman who has a dead husband
  32. cruel: very evil
  33. rifle: a kind of gun
  34. shoot (past tense shot): to fire with a gun
  35. bat: an animal which looks like the mouse and has wings 
  36. weak: not strong
  37. string: a long, thin line

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