Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Rip Van Winkle goes and plays with the Dutch ghosts for 20 years in the mountains.


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  1. mountain: very big hills
  2. magic: not usual, and with something that you can't understand
  3. farm: a house with land in the country
  4. neighbour: a person who lives near you
  5. wild: not quiet and not good; not staying where you want
  6. clothes: people wear these
  7. lazy: not wanting to work
  8. wife: a woman living with a man
  9. beard: the hair on a man's face
  10. inn: an old name for a hotel where people can eat, drink and stay
  11. king: the most important man in a country
  12. baby: a very young girl
  13. ago: before now
  14. welcome: we say this when someone arrives and we are happy to see them
  15. strange: not usual
  16. mad: thinking things that are not true
  17. ghost: a dead person that a living person sees or hears
  18. explorer: someone who visits countries before other people

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