Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Rosie is a journalist who wants to find a big story for her article. Unluckily, she gets into a big story herself.


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  1. journalist: a person who writes stories for a newspaper
  2. newspaper: people read about things that happen every day in this
  3. editor: the person who says which stories go in a newspaper
  4. news: when someone tells you something that is new
  5. film: moving pictures that tell a story
  6. idea: something that you think
  7. river: water that moves through the country in a lone line
  8. river bus: people go from one place to another on a river in this
  9. worth: how expensive something is
  10. chateau: a big old house in France or Switzerland where a rich person lives
  11. dangerous: that can kill you
  12. bridge: people can go across a river on this
  13. art dealer: a person who has a shop with expensive pictures in it
  14. buy: to give money for something
  15. sell: to take money for something
  16. steal: to take something without asking
  17. mountain: a big hill
  18. ski: to go over snow fast on long flat pieces of wood
  19. snow: something soft, cold and white
  20. break: to make one thing into two things when you hit it
  21. lock this makes a door stay closed
  22. upstairs to the upper part of a house
  23.  asleep: sleeping
  24. gun: a person can fight with this
  25. drawing: a picture made with a pen or pencil
  26. safe: a box with ta lock where you put important or expensive things
  27. servant: a person who works for someone rich
  28. Monsieur: Mr. in French
  29. tie: to stop someone moving with a rope
  30. art: drawings and pictures
  31. collector: a person who like to buy and have a lot of things of one kind
  32. crazy: not thinking well
  33. snowmobile: a car that can go across the snow
  34. police: they find people who do something bad
  35. follow: to go after something or someone
  36. crash: to hit something and stop suddenly
  37. escape: to get away
  38. thief: (plural thieves): a person who takes things without asking
  39. gondola: you can go across the river with this in Venice
  40. cafe: you go here to have a drink and something to eat
  41. package: something that you take with you in some paper
  42. grab: to take suddenly
  43. alley: a small street
  44. hurt: to do something bad to someone
  45. pocket: the place in your coat where you can put things 
  46. nastily: in not a nice way
  47. frightened: afraid
  48. balcony: a place at the front of a building upstairs where you can stand and look out 
  49. pick up: to take in your hand
  50. desk; a table where you can pay for a room or ask hotel workers things
  51. painting: a coloured pictuer
  52. knock: to hit strongly
  53. case: a big bag
  54. try: to want to do something but not to do it well
  55. fall: to go down quickly
  56. manager: a person who watches the work of other people
  57. untie: to take off ropes that tie someone or something
  58. Signors: Mrs. in Italian
  59. boat: you go across water in this
  60. canal: a river that people make
  61. turn: to go to the right or the left
  62. swim: to go through the water moving your arms and legs
  63. sink: to go down in water
  64. thanks to: because of
  65. email: words that you send from computer to computer