Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Ichabod is a cunning teacher in the village. But what will become of him after his encounter with the Headless Horseman? The Legend of the valley Sleepy Hollow starts.


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  1. legend: an old story - half true, half not true
  2. valley: land between two hills
  3. headless: without a head
  4. horseman: a man on a horse
  5. thin: not fat
  6. school: students learn there
  7. stick: a long thin piece of wood
  8. extra: more than usual
  9. direct: to make people begin and stop singing
  10. church: Christian people go there to pray
  11. witch: a woman who can fly through the sky and do bad thing
  12. black magic: bad magic
  13. brave: not afraid
  14. haunted: where people see lots of ghosts
  15. under someone's spell: only thinking of one person
  16. field: a piece of land that a farm has
  17. only child: a person with no brothers or sisters
  18. strong: with a body that works well
  19. fight: when someone hits people again and again
  20. lose hope: to stop thinking that something nice can happen
  21. play tricks on somebody: to do bad things and laugh at somebody
  22. howl: to cry (of a dog)
  23. nightfall: the time when night begins
  24. servant: a person who works for someone rich
  25. party: a time when lots of people meet to eat, talk, and drink
  26. suit: a jacket and trousers of one colour
  27. borrow: to take for a short time
  28. neighbourhood: all the houses near your house
  29. music: people listen or dance to this
  30. dance: to move your body and feet to music
  31. follow: to go after someone
  32. bridge: people can go across a river on this 
  33. step: to put your foot down
  34. disappear: to go away suddenly
  35. flash: a sudden light
  36. fire: this is a red and hot, and it burns
  37. shoulder: this is between your arm and your neck
  38. weakly: not strongly
  39. figure: someone that you cant see very well.
  40. slap: to hit with your open hand
  41. gallop: to move fast (on a horse)
  42. saddle: the thing that you put on a horse back to sit on
  43. kick: to kick with your feet
  44. throw: to make something move quickly from your hand through the air
  45. knock: to hit strongly
  46. pumpkin: a big orange vegetable
  47. marry: to make someone your husband or wife
  48. favourite: the one that people like best


  1. I like very much this story. It's stunning! I recommend it in my blog:
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    A question: How many people did the videos? They are excellent resources to learn English Congratulations!

  2. ủa rồi Ichabod bị ma bắt hay làm sao? :(