Saturday, January 10, 2015


Zoe is a student who likes to act in plays. Is Zoe a really good actor, or she just has a pretty face? 


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  1. bookstore: a shop for books
  2. act: to speak and move, to tell a story in front of people
  3. play: a story that people act
  4. players: an old name for people who act in plays
  5. famous: that everybody knows
  6. college: you study here after you leave school
  7. theatre: a building where people go to see plays
  8. newspaper: people read about things that happen in this
  9. editor: the person who says which stories go in a newspaper
  10. review: some writing in a newspaper telling people about a new play or book
  11. notebook: a small book for writing in
  12. audience: the people who go to see a play
  13. part: one of the people in a play
  14. pretty: beautiful
  15. kind: good to other people 
  16. honest: saying things that are true
  17. costume: the things that a person wears in a play
  18. believe: to think
  19. coffee: people often drink this in the morning
  20. cafe: you can go here to have a drink and something to eat
  21. furious: very angry
  22. hate: not to love
  23. stupid: without thinking well
  24. idea: something that you think a plan
  25. class: a time when student learn with a teacher
  26. actress: a woman who acts in plays
  27. prove: to make people see that something is true
  28. carry: to take with you
  29. magazine: a think book with lots of pictures, you can buy it every week or every month
  30. surprised: feeling that something very new is suddenly happening
  31. interview: a meeting to ask questions
  32. playwright: a person who writes plays
  33. reporter: a person who writes for a newspaper or magazine
  34. gossip: talking about people's lives
  35. throw out: to make somebody leave a building
  36. difficult: not easy
  37. bush: a short little trees
  38. list: a number of things that you write down
  39. follow: to go after someone
  40. wig: false hair
  41. glasses: you wear these to help you see better
  42. hide: to go where people can't see you
  43. funny: making you laugh
  44. lie: something that is not true
  45. truth: something that is true
  46. study: a room in a house where you go to write or work
  47. desk: a table in a study or in an office
  48. pay: to give money for something
  49. movie: moving pictures that tells a story
  50. plot: the story of a book, play or movie
  51. nervous: a little afraid
  52. impatient: not feeling happy about waiting for something
  53. amazed: very surprised
  54. shake hands: to give your hand to someone when you say hello or goodbye to them
  55. refuse: to say no when someone asks you to do something
  56. character: a person in a book, a movie or a play
  57. embarrassed: feeling bad after you do something stupid
  58. trick: something that you do to make somebody feel stupid
  59. free: that you don't pay for

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