Friday, January 2, 2015

HUA MULAN (Level Starter)

Hua Mulan is a brave girl who becomes a soldier in her father's place. She does well on her the battle field and becomes a general. She goes home making her father proud of her.

This simplified version is suitable for beginner and elementary English learners. Pictures book and illustration with new words in bold and meaning below the video. 


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  1. ancient: very old
  2. parent: a mother or a father
  3. cloth: you make clothes from this
  4. sell: to take money for something
  5. market: where people go to sell things in the street
  6. follow: to go after someone
  7. crowd: a lot of people together
  8. shout: to say loudly and angrily
  9. list: a lot of names that you write one after another
  10. enemy: people who are not friends of your country
  11. fight: to hit someone again and again
  12. emperor: the most important man in a number of countries
  13. army: a large number of men who fight for their country
  14. join: to go with
  15. plan: when you get something ready before it happens
  16. news: when someone tells you something that is new
  17. punish: to do something bad to someone after they do something bad
  18. strong: with a body that works well
  19. in someone's place: when you do something for someone because they can't do it.
  20. soldier: a person in an army
  21. clothes: people wear these
  22. brave: not afraid
  23. save: to stop bad things happening to someone or something
  24. buy: to give money for something
  25. ride: to go on a horse
  26. saddle: the thing that you put on a horse's back to sit on
  27. secret: something that you don't tell to everybody
  28. whisper: to speak very quietly
  29. clever: quick-thinking
  30. river: water that moves through the country in a long line
  31. snow: something soft, cold, and white 
  32. light: a thing that helps you to see in the dark.
  33. tent: a house made of cloth that you can take with you when you move
  34. fire: this is red and hot, and it burns
  35. welcome: we say this when someone arrives and we are happy to see them
  36. awake: not sleeping
  37. battle: when two armies fight
  38. general: a very important person in an army
  39. towards: nearer
  40. next to: near
  41. win: to be the best in a battle
  42. hero: a person who does something brave or good
  43. lead: to go in front
  44. become: to change from one thing to a different thing
  45. chase: to follow behind someone quickly
  46. famous: when many people know a person
  47. message: something that one person tells another person to say to someone
  48. palace: a big house where an emperor lives
  49. safe: when something bad cannot happen there
  50. bow: to put down your head in front of someone or something important
  51. minister: an important person who helps an emperor
  52. fine: beautiful
  53. journey: when you go far
  54. cheer: to shout happily
  55. traveller: someone how goes on a journey
  56. feast: lots of good things to eat
  57. firecracker: this makes a big noise when you put fire to it
  58. gate: a big door before the door of a house
  59. brush: to move something through your hair to make it look good
  60. adventure: something very exciting that happens to you.
  61. explain: to talk to someone and make them understand something
  62. marry: to make someone your husband or wife
  63. husband: the man that a woman marries
  64. wedding: the day when two people marry


  1. You have a very nice blog! This is a great resource for English language learners. I teach English online and would like to reference your site on my blog ( if that would be all right for you? Thank you so much!

  2. I especially like that you have a vocabulary list available! Thanks =)

  3. Great, it is a wonderful site.
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