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The Turn of the Screw is a classic ghost story of old England. It tells about a young girl who became a governess (a person who lives and teach) for two children. She knows that there are two ghosts in the house who wants to harm the children, but she will not allow it.

A young woman arrives at a large country house. Her job is to look after the two children who live there, but she soon discovers that there is something very strange about both the house and the children. The longer she stays, the more she feels that the two children are in danger - or is it that the children are the danger, and the person in danger is herself?

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  1. ghost: a dead person that a living person sees or hears
  2. governess: a woman who lives with and teaches the children
  3. gentleman: a man from a rich family who does not need to work
  4. housekeeper: a woman who looks after a person's house
  5. angel: a very good and beautiful person, in pictures, they usually have wings
  6. tower: a tall, thin part of a building
  7. uncle: a brother of your father (or mother)
  8. envelope: a paper cover that you put on a letter before you post it.
  9. expel: to make someone leave a school
  10. corrupt: to make someone bad
  11. master: a name that working people used in the past for the gentleman who gave them job
  12. kiss: to touch lovingly with your mouth
  13. shock: a very bad surprise
  14. thought: something that you think
  15. relative: a person in your family
  16. servant: a person who works for your family
  17. view: what you can see when you look down from a tower, or somewhere high
  18. gloves: things that you wear to keep your hands warm
  19. dining room: the room in a house where people eat
  20. pick up: to take something in your hand
  21. monster: a terrible person (or animal)
  22. whisker: long hair growing on the sides of a man's face
  23. instead: in the place of something
  24. evil: very bad
  25. protect: to keep something from danger
  26. lake: a large piece of water with land around it
  27. grass: it is green; gardens and fields have lots of it on the ground
  28. stare: to look at somebody for a long time
  29. close: when two people feel near to each other
  30. believe: to feel sure that something is true
  31. dress up: to put on special clothes
  32. piano: you make music on this big instrument by playing its blacks and white keys
  33. candle: it burns and gives light
  34. go out: to stop burning
  35. darkness: where there is no light
  36. heart: this is in your chest; it sends the blood round your body
  37. curtains: people use these in front of windows at night, to stop people looking in
  38. disappear: to go away suddenly
  39. shoulder: this is between  your neck and your arm
  40. firmly: strongly
  41. moonlight: the light from the moon
  42. accurate: true to real life
  43. opinion: what you think about something or someone
  44. seem: to appear to be
  45. game: a secret plan or way of playing with other people's feelings
  46. destroy: to break every part of something or someone
  47. keep (past kept ): to have in a special place
  48. freedom: being free
  49. correct: right
  50. idea: a plan or a new thought
  51. carriage: a kind or car with horses; rich people in the past went with these
  52. experience: something that happened to you
  53. lost soul: someone who cannot find rest after they die
  54. discover: to find or learn something new
  55. blow (past blew - blown): to move (of the wind); to push air from your mouth
  56. imagine: to see pictures in your head
  57. awful: terrible
  58. save: to take someone out of danger
  59. sense: feeling
  60. calm: not worried
  61. join: to go with
  62. puzzled: when you can't understand something
  63. pretend: to try to make somebody believe something
  64. horrify: to give someone a shock
  65. bank: the ground at the side of a lake or river
  66. point: to show where something is with your finger
  67. incredible: surprising and very difficult to believe
  68. gate: a door in a garden
  69. mad: thinking things that are not true
  70. cruel: unkind and liking to hurt people:
  71. scared: afraid 
  72. towards: nearer
  73. sadness: an unhappy feeling
  74. thank goodness: we say this when we feel happy because something good happened
  75. order: words that tell somebody to do something
  76. sick: ill
  77. occasion: time
  78. sofa: a long soft seat for people to sit on together
  79. glad: happy
  80. gently: softly
  81. bravely: without showing that you are afraid
  82. guard: someone who stops prisoners from running away
  83. beat: to make the same noise many times; your heart beats faster when you are excited or afraid
  84. devil: evil person
  85. desperately: without hope
  86. happiness: a happy feeling

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