Thursday, June 11, 2015


In Hamburg, Germany, Professor Otto Lidenbrock comes home with an old Icelandic book. In it there is a message about a journey to the centre of the Earth.

Can Lidenbrock and Axel and their Icelandic guide, Hans, find the centre of the Earth? And can they all get home alive after their many underground adventures?

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professor: an important teacher who also studies a lot
nephew: your sister's or brother's son
scientist: a person who studies the natural world
paper: you write on this
secret: something that you don't tell to everybody
message: you write this to someone
sure: when you feel that something is true
fire: this is hot, and it burns
backwards: beginning at the last letter and going to the first letter
uncle: your father's or mother's brother
crater: a big, wide hole
shadow: a dark shape that the sun makes on things
fall: to go down suddenly
centre: the part in the middle
Earth: we live on this
volcano: a mountain that fire and rocks sometimes come from
fiancée: the woman that a man wants to marry
plan: when you get something ready to do later; to get something ready to do later
journey: they you go far
marry: to make someone your husband or wife
luggage: bags and things that you take when you go on a journey
ship: you use a ship to go across the water
sail: to go across the water
storm: a lot of rain and very bad weather
mountain: a big hill
science: the study of the natural world
guide: a person (or thing) that shows or tells people where to go
food: you eat this
erupt: when rocks and fire come out of a volcano
top: the highest part of something
light: a thing that helps you to see in the dark
bottom: the lowest part of something
hole: an opening in something that you can look through or go through
sign: something that hows you something important
climb: to go up or down using your hands and feet
compass: something that shows you north and help you see where to go
lamp: a thing that helps you to see in the dark
tunnel: a long hole that goes through or under something
crystal: a beautiful stone
wall: the side of a tunnel
small: little
worried: not happy about something and thinking a lot about it.
follow: to go after something or somebody
stream: a small river
break: to make something stop working
cave: a big natural room under the Earth
underground: under the Earth
raft: a small ships made from trees
monster: an animal that is very bad to look at
fight: to hit again and again
land: the part of the Earth that is not the sea
cloud: a big white or grey thing that rain comes from
lightning: the light in the sky when there is storm
explode: to break suddenly with a big noise
rock: a very big stone
mastodon: a type of elephant from five million years ago
ground: we walk on this
knife: a sharp tool used for cutting something
letter: we write with these, there are 26 of them in English.
gunpowder: powder that explodes
blow up: to break into small pieces noisily
light: to give fire to something
waterfall: where water falls far down over rocks
lava: the hot liquid that comes out when a volcano erupts
world: where we all live; people live in lots of different countries in the world
language: people say or write things with this
hero: a person who does something important or good

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