Monday, May 11, 2015


When the children dug a hole in the gravel-pit, they were very surprised at what they found. “It” was a Psammead, and it was thousands of years old.

It was a strange little thing – it was furry and with eyes on long stalks. It was often very cold and unfriendly, but it could give wishes – one wish a day. ‘It’s wonderful!’ the children said.

But wishes are difficult things they can get you into trouble.


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  1. Baker: a person who makes and sell bread
  2. Believe: to think that something is real or true
  3. Diamond: a very expensive, bright stone, often put in rings, etc
  4. Dig (past tense dug) to make a hole in the ground
  5. Enormous: very, very big
  6. Fair: a kind of travelling market, where you can buy things, play games, watch interesting things, etc.
  7. Fairy: a person or things which is not real, but which in stories does wonderful, impossible things.
  8. Fur: the soft hair on an animal’s body
  9. Good Heavens!: words that show you are very surprised
  10. Gravel: very small stones
  11. Gravel-pit: a big hole in the ground or the side of a hill, where people have taken away gravel and sand
  12. Jewel: a very valuable, expensive stone, e.g. a diamond
  13. Kick: to hit someone or something with your foot
  14. Lemonade: a sweet drink made from lemons and sugar
  15. Nursemaid: a woman servant who helps a mother with her baby
  16. Plum: a soft, dark-red or purple fruit
  17. Psammead: Edith Nesbit’s word for said-fairy (from a Greek word)
  18. Sand: very fine, light earth, usually white or yellow (often found on beaches)
  19. Servant: somebody who works in another person’s house
  20. Vicar: a priest, the man of the church
  21. Wish: to say what you would like to have or do (usually something which is not possible)

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