Thursday, February 5, 2015


It was the middle of the night when the fire breaks out in London. Thousands of houses set on fire and there the fire still goes on. How can they stopped the fire?

  1. narrow: not wide
  2. rat: mouse
  3. baker: a bread maker
  4. maid: a girl who lives and work in a house
  5. oven: you use this to bake the bread
  6. wake up: you say this when you want people not to sleep
  7. jump: to move quickly with your feet from one place to another
  8. roof: the top part of the house
  9. follow: to go after
  10. ladder: you use a ladder to go up something
  11. climb: to go up something
  12. spead: to move out in all places
  13. fire-fighter: someone who stops the fire
  14. out of control: cannot be controlled
  15. Lord Mayor: the most important man in a town
  16. chief: the most important man in the fire-fighters
  17. diary: this is what you write in everything happens to you
  18. sir: you use this to call something important
  19. news: something that is new
  20. cloud: a very big smoke
  21. church: a place where Christians go to pray
  22. ring: to make a very high noise
  23. bridge: you walk on this to cross the river
  24. bank: the land part along the river
  25. crowd: a lot of people
  26. full: when something is full, it cannot take in anymore
  27. carry: take with you
  28. boat: you cross the water in this
  29. frightened: very afraid
  30. blow up: to destroy
  31. Palace: a very big place where the king lives
  32. guard: the man who stops the thieves to go in the palace
  33. solution: what we should do for a problem
  34. surprised: when you heard something new and sudden
  35. Your Majesty: you use this to call a King
  36. coach: a kind of car pulled by horses
  37. madly: very fast (in this story)
  38. tired: when you work a lot, you are tired
  39. pull down: to destroy
  40. soldier: a man of the king, very strong and he has a gun
  41. great: very big
  42. Cathedral: a large and important church
  43. direction: left or right, up or down
  44. centre: in the middle
  45. instead: something in the place of something
  46. wide: not narrow

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  1. Such a great idea to teach English, congratulations!