Saturday, June 20, 2015


Mr James Conway wants to make money. He wants to build new houses and shops - and he wants to build them on an old graveyard, on the island of Haiti. There is only one old man who still visits the graveyard; and Mr Conway is not afraid of one old man. But the old man has friends - friends in the graveyard, friends who lie dead, under the ground. And when Mr Conway starts to build his houses, he makes the terrible mistake of disturbing the sleep of the dead . . .


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awake: not asleep
believe: to think that something is true
bell: when a telephone rings, the noise is made by a bell
blow (past tense blew): when air moves, a bind is blowing
clean: to work on something that is dirty and make it clean
coconut: a large brown hard fruit that grows on trees in hot countries
company: a group of people who work together to make money
construction: building
doll: a small model of a person; children play with dolls
draw (past tense drew): to make a picture with a pencil, pen, etc.
dream: pictures in your mind when you are asleep
dry: not wet
dust: dry dirt that is like powder
flame: the yellow/orange part of a fire
frightened: afraid
gate: a kind of door in a wall or fence outside
grave: a hole in the ground where the body of a dead person lies
graveyard: a place with many graves
hope: to want something that you think will happen
hougan: a person in Haiti who can use voodoo
howl: to make a long loud cry (like a dog makes)
land: ground used for building, etc.
law: a law says that a person must, or must not, do something.
lorry: a kind of very large car that can carry big things 
mad: ill in the mind (the head)
magic: when somebody makes a strange things happen and nobody can understand or explain them
map: a drawing of a town or a country that shows roads, rivers, hills, etc.
medicine: something that can make ill people well again
ordinary: not strange or special
pain: when something hurts, you feel pain
park (car park): a place where you can leave your car
pick up: to take something in the hand
pin: a very small, sharp piece of metal
problem: something difficult to understand, or find an answer for
snake: a long thin animal without legs
spirit: the part of a person that is not the body; some people think that the spirit lives after the body dies
steps: stairs outside a house, in a garden, a road, etc.
throw (past tense threw): to make something move through the air
university: a place where people study after they leave school
voodoo: a special magic that is used in Haiti

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