Friday, April 10, 2015


Mr. Harris loves the night train and he usually travels on it. Until one day, something happened and he never goes on it again.


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  1. blood: the red liquid in a person's body
  2. bright: not dark, giving a lot of light
  3. bus: a very big car for many people to travel in
  4. carriage: a 'room' on a train
  5. clothes: things you wear, e.g. dress, shirts, trousers
  6. corridor: the long narrow place on a train with doors on the carriages
  7. diamond: a beautiful, very expensive, bright stone
  8. fall (past tense fell): to move suddenly from a higher place to a low place
  9. floor: the 'ground' in a room; you walk on a floor
  10. ghost: a dead person that living people think they can see 
  11. guard: a man who works on a train
  12. holiday: days or weeks when people do not go to work
  13. jump: to move quickly with both feet off the ground
  14. kind: friendly; good to other people
  15. life: the time when you are alive, not dead
  16. loud: not quiet; with a lot of noise
  17. necklace: something beautiful that women wear round their neck
  18. newspaper: you read a newspaper to know what is happening in the world
  19. poor: when you say 'poor', you are feeling sorry for somebody
  20. restaurant: a place where you can buy a meal and eat it
  21. seat: a 'chair' on a train
  22. shout: to speak or cry very loudly and strongly
  23. stare: to look at someone or something for a long time
  24. station: trains stop at stations for people to get on or off
  25. sweet: (of people) very nice
  26. terrible: something terrible makes you feel afraid or unhappy
  27. unhappy: not happy
  28. vodka: a very strong cold drink
  29. voice: you talk with your voice
  30. whisper: to speak very, very quietly

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