Thursday, April 2, 2015


The girl suddenly kisses Nick on the mouth and said to him: "Goodbye, Mr. Hollywood.' Nick didn't understand anything, and he doenst know that someone near there doesn't like "Mr. Hollywood". Dangers come to Nick and he doens't know it.


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  1. bar: a room where people can buy and have drinks
  2. blood: blood is red and moves around inside the body
  3. bridge: something build high to go over a river or a road
  4. busy: with many things happening
  5. cafe: a place where people can buy and eat food and drink
  6. city: a big important town
  7. crowd: a lot of people
  8. desk: people in offices sit and work at desk
  9. fall (past tense fell): to go down quickly from a high place
  10. ferry: a ship to carry cars and people
  11. floor: the part of a room which is under your feet
  12. fly (past tense flew): to travel through the air (ex: by areoplane)
  13. follow: to go after someone or something
  14. great: wonderful, very good
  15. guess: to try to give the right answer when you don't know it 
  16. gun: a thing that shoots out bullets to kill people
  17. guy: a man
  18. kiss: to touch someone with your lips, to show love, or to say hello or goodbye
  19. magazine: a book with a paper cover which comes out every week, month, etc.
  20. maybe: perhaps
  21. millionaire: somebody who has a millions pounds or dollars, or more
  22. mountain:  a very high hill
  23. movie: a film which you see at a cinema
  24. mystery: something that you do not understand and cannot explain
  25. outside: not in something (a room, a building, etc.)
  26. park: a garden or place in a town where people can walk, sit, play games, etc.
  27. party: a meeting of friends to eat, drink, talk, dance, etc.
  28. point: to show with your finger where someone or something is
  29. policeman: the police are the men and women in a country who catch criminals, try to stop people doing wrong, etc.
  30. police station: an office of hte police
  31. pretty: beautiful, nice to look at
  32. pull: to hold and move something towards you
  33. push: to move something away from you with your hands
  34. restaurant: a place where people can buy and eat meals
  35. scream: to cry out loud, usually when you are afraid or hurt 
  36. shoot (past tense shot) to sent a bullet from a gun to kill or hurt somebody
  37. short: the bullet sent from a gun
  38. shout: to call or try out loudly and strongly
  39. stranger: somebody that you do not know
  40. sure: certain, knowing what something is true
  41. tea: a hot drink, often with sugar and milk or lemon
  42. travel: to visit other countries, cities, etc.
  43. turn: to move around
  44. vacation: a holiday, a time when you do not work and perhaps go travelling
  45. waiter: somebody who brings your food or drink in a restaurant or cafe
  46. worried: afraid that something is wrong or something bad is going to happen

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