Saturday, March 28, 2015

CHANGING PLACE (Level Starter)

Hal works at the zoo and he thinks his life is boring. Tim is an actor but he doesnt like his job. They look very alike. One day, they meet, and they agreed to change their places.


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  1. feed: to give things to eat to someone or something
  2. zoo: a place where you can see animals from different countries
  3. animal: a living being that moves, a dog or a cat is an animal
  4. dream: pictures that you see in your head when you are sleeping
  5. famous: when many people know about someone
  6. marry: to make someone your husband or wife
  7. actor: someone who is in a film
  8. stare: to look at someone or something for a long time
  9. normal: usual, not different
  10. movie: a story that is on film
  11. glasses: you wear these in front of your eyes to help you see better
  12. recognize: to see someone and to know who it is
  13. nervous: a little afraid
  14. crew: a number of people who are all working together
  15. film: to use cameras to make a movie
  16. idea: something that you think
  17. fun: something that you like doing and that makes people laugh
  18. place: where something is
  19. clothes: people wear these
  20. brush: to move your hair
  21. sure: when you feel that something is true
  22. scene: a part of a movie that happen at one time
  23. boss: a person who tells workers what to do
  24. monkey: an animal, usually with a long tail
  25. job: work
  26. talk show: when famous people answer questions on TV
  27. party: when people meet to have fun
  28. agree: to say 'yes'
  29. girlfriend: a woman that a man loves
  30. role: one of the people in a movie
  31. trick: to make people think that something is true
  32. star: a famous person
  33. climb: to go up using your hands and feet
  34. action: where a lot of exciting things happen
  35. accident: something bad that happens
  36. sky tram: a train that travels high up 
  37. first aid: giving help to people before a doctor can come
  38. desert: a place which usually has no water
  39. breath: to move air in and out of your body
  40. wedding: the time when two people marry
  41. cell phone: a phone that you can carry with you
  42. practice: when you do something before it happens because you want to do it well
  43. dinner: when you eat a lot with lots of people on an important day
  44. gate: a door in a garden wall
  45. police: men and women who stop people doing bad things
  46. hide: to go where no-one can see you
  47. Jeep: a small car that can drive where there aren't any roads
  48. disappear: to go away suddenly
  49. map: a picture that shows where things are, like streets, towns, rivers, or countries
  50. lost: not knowing where you are
  51. gas: gasoline or petrol; car need this to work
  52. ring: the noise of a bell
  53. go dead: to stop working
  54. truck: a kind of car for carrying things or people
  55. farm: a piece of land for animals or growing plants
  56. problem: something that makes you feel bad
  57. guest: people that you ask to go to a wedding or a party
  58. stranger: a person you don't know
  59. church: Christian people go here to pray
  60. music: people listen or dance to this
  61. outside: in the open - not in a building
  62. faint: to fall down suddenly because something bad happens to you

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