Thursday, February 5, 2015

ROBIN HOOD (Level 2)

Robin Hood (a pun of Rob-in-hood) is an outlaw. He lives in the Sherlock Forest with other outlaws, waiting for the good King Richard to return. In the meanwhile, he robs the rich and give the money to the poor.


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  1. crusade: when a country attacks and takes another country
  2. greedy: want to have everything for oneself
  3. arrogant: when someone thinks that he/she is the most important person and others are not important
  4. brutal: very bad and violent
  5. sheriff: a  police man in old England
  6. loyal: when a good servant serves his master well, he is loyal.
  7. against: not with
  8. harm: to hurt someone
  9. cavern: a large cave
  10. horn
  11. signal: a sign that only the people who made it knows
  12. archer: someone who uses a bow
  13. practise: do something again and again until you are goot at it
  14. stream: a river
  15. bridge: we walk over a river on this
  16. enormous: very big
  17. staff: a long stick, used for fighting 
  18. merry: happy
  19. company: someone who goes with you
  20. expert: someone who is very good at soemthing
  21. fiar: a male member or a religious order
  22. sniff: to smell
  23. bank: the land side along the river
  24. shake hands:
  25. quarrel: to argue angrily
  26. promise: you say this when you agree and sure to do something in the future
  27. tax: the money the poor people have to give to the rich people, or the king
  28. capture: to keep someone
  29. perfectly: very well
  30. wicked: very evil
  31. subjects: the people under the king 
  32. maid: a girl who works in the house of a rich person
  33. disguise: to wear other clothes so that people don't know you
  34. knight: a person fighting on a horse 
  35. helmet
  36. coward: a person who is afraid of almost everything
  37. leave for: to go to
  38. butcher: a very violent man
  39. disgust: to hate someone very much because he/she is very evil
  40. naked: with no clothes on
  41. silver: a white expensive metal
  42. archery: the art of using the bow
  43. competition: where you have to do better than the others to win
  44. challenge: where you have to do difficult things for good reward
  45. discover: to know, to recognise
  46. peasant: a country person (eg. farmer)
  47. crowd: where there are a lot of people
  48. square: a large place where people go to when there is an event
  49. acrobat: a person who performs well on the air for people to watch
  50. target: where to shoot your arrow 
  51. contest: competition
  52. victory: when you win a competition
  53. lyre: a kind of musical instrument 
  54. baron: a high-ranked person in Britain
  55. similar: alike
  56. bishop: a man who oversees the priests in the church
  57. pale: when your skin becomes white, you are pale
  58. ceremony: a formal event
  59. point: to aim at something
  60. couple: two people
  61. banquet: a formal party
  62. cross
  63. offer: giving something to someone for free
  64. pork: pig meat
  65. kneel (past tense knelt): to be on your knees
  66. dishonest: not honest
  67. excitement: very happy because something good is going to happen
  68. memory: something you remember in your head

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