Friday, February 6, 2015

KAGUYA HIME (Fairy Tale)

Once upon a time in Japan, there lived a gentle old man and his wife. One day he went into the forest to cut some bamboo, and he saw a bamboo what shined...


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  1. shining: with a lot of light
  2. adorable: lovely and cute
  3. tender: kind, and soft
  4. rumor: what people tell each other
  5. bride: the wife of a man
  6. confuse: not understand
  7. weak: not strong
  8. worried: uncomfortable because of not knowing
  9. Emperor: the most important man in a kingdom
  10. fall in love: start to love
  11. cart: a kind of vehicle pulled by animals
  12. return: go back
  13. farewell: goodbye

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