We have just launched a new website that teach English from videos. This is the first time we actually stand in front of the camera and do the filming. We may make some (or many) mistakes in the beginning, but we will try to make it better by time. So please support us by visiting us here at www.EnglishForUse.com. Thank you! 
Tri & Kim.

Hello, and thanks for visiting our blog.

We are Tri and Kim (married). As English teachers, we would like to share our English knowledge to everyone in the world who would like to learn. In this blog we will host the videos for learning English, through stories, through facts, through songs,... You know why, because we have always thought that the best way of learning is to:
   - learn with both your eyes (watching) and your ears (listening)
   - learn with something you like (movies, stories, fun facts,...)

Our motto is "SHARE WHAT WE HAVE" because, we have to give what we have first, and then eventually others will also give us what they have. Do you agree with us? 

- Fiction: a whole lot of stories of all kinds (adventure, detective, action, ghosts, girly...) with pictures illustrated as you listen along, with subtitle in each videos. You can find the "CC" button on the lower-right corner of each video.
- Nonfiction: the fact files in topics (human body, farm, animals...) which will help you recap or learn new, interesting facts as you learn English. Of course, subtitle included.
- Kids Story: A whole set of Kids Story Teller and Aesop's Fables, which we are updating on the go.
You can always check out the list of all videos in our blog HERE

Yes, we receive many comments and questions of the best way to learn English through videos. We don't dare to give the best method, but here are a few guidelines we have drawn out:
- First, don't try too hard. For every video has its level marked (from 0 to 6 or from Elementary to Advanced). Just listen to the videos of levels that you find comfortable to understand. Then you move up.
- You can read the introduction and vocabulary part before you listen. You will be prepared to watch, with more vocabulary and you could guess what to happen in the video.
- Try watching with the subtitle off first (turn it on/off with the "CC" button), if you don't understand the words or sentences, just guess, or leave it at that. Then watch again with subtitle on, and maybe with a help of the dictionary.
- Watch again, and read along to practice the pronunciation and sentence stress.
*** For beginners in English, we strongly recommend watching the Level Starter (Level 0) first. That's the best pronunciation you can get.***

We are currently in short of money to buy the materials, so we can only managed with the speed of one video a week. If you feel that these stories are useful to you, and would like to help us, please find the Donate button on the right side of the website. A few dollars from each of you can help us go on. We are truly appreciated.
And as we said, to share is to get, so if you share this blog, its videos, on your facebook or other social sites, we would be very grateful. 

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You can always contact us at email tisbubu@gmail.com for all your questions and comment.

Thank you,

Kim & Tri